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Acrastyle Celebrates 60 Years

“I did a very happy 5 years at Acrastyle great company and great people loved every minute. I still have the tool kit I bought when I did my time in the factory” – Ian Horn, former Acrastyle engineer

“…some of the best >>>

Acrastyle | CAD

Here at Acrastyle Limited, we use the latest AutoCAD software. This means that we can provide accurate drawings and designs in all releases of AutoCAD DWG format, in addition to DXF, DWF and PDF format. We source the best quality resources, have >>>

What are Portable Relay Rooms?

So what are Portable Relay Rooms? Portable Relay Rooms are containerised substation solutions. These are some of the key factors that make up a portable relay room:

A protection and local control scheme custom-designed for the power system application
A SCADA RTU fully integrated >>>

Substation Wall Boxes

Here at Acrastyle Limited, we design, develop and install a wide variety of electrical engineering equipment, including Substation Wall Boxes. Substation Wall Boxes are compact and easy to install.

Substation wall boxes are often designed to include the following equipment:

Electrical Protection Relays
Test blocks
Automatic >>>

How Acrastyle Limited Supports the Power Grid

How Acrastyle Limited Supports the Power Grid


Acrastyle Limited plays a vital role in the safe operation of the electric power grid. From nuclear power plants to renewable energy, we provide a wide range of products and services to all utilities across the >>>

Engineering Design Services | Acrastyle Limited

Acrastyle Limited has substantial experience in providing services and solutions in Engineering Design. As part of the Acrastyle Difference, these services allow us to provide our clients with a completely safe and tested solution. 

One of the key aspects of any substation project >>>

Acrastyle & The Offshore Energy Mission 2019

Through the Department of International Trade (DIT), we recently attended the Northern Powerhouse Offshore Energy Mission to Amsterdam. The trade mission coincided with the Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference and the focus was on renewable energy. UK businesses were provided with the >>>

Acrastyle & The UK’s Distribution Network Operators

What is a DNO?

Across the UK, the electricity network is separated into individual regional areas with each regional electricity grid controlled by the local Distribution Network Operator (DNO). Each regional grid is connected to the main National Grid. Within their respective areas, >>>

Batteries, Surveys, Tests, Maintenance & Panels

Since our latest news blog, we have been involved in a variety of exciting projects whilst completing and continuing ongoing works and routine maintenance.

Batteries & Site Surveys

We have recently worked with Northern Ireland Energy Networks conducting detailed site surveys prior to >>>

CLASS Project, Protection Panels & International Collaborations

As always at Acrastyle, we have been busy continuing our established utilities and ongoing work with the UK’s Distribution Network Operators (DNO’s) including Electricity North West (ENWL), Scottish & Southern Electricity Networks (SSE), Scottish Power, Northern Ireland Electricity Networks (NIE), UK Power >>>