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Red, Green & Black methodology

In the event of existing panels requiring modification, Acrastyle can provide different staged drawing.

Green - Anything that is to be removed - components, wiring, redundant equipment etc.

  Red - Anything that is to be installed or added - wiring, cabling, equipment, or components

  As Installed - your “Red” drawing will be converted into the “as installed” drawing, which is done bespoke for the customer, and gives you a detailed layout of the finished installation.

  This can be done with electrical drawings, wiring diagrams, general arrangements, or schemes, whichever is more relevant to your project. Outdoor Enclosures

  Whatever your outdoor enclosure needs, we can design it, produce it and supply it.

  If you need the toughest, safest, and most hard-wearing outdoor enclosures, Acrastyle can help. Our engineers can build something bespoke exactly according to your requirements, ensuring you get exactly what you need, and never have to simply make do with something standardised. Whether you need a small housing for a singular piece of equipment, or you need the equipment itself to be weatherproof, we can perform the build. We can give you a choice of materials, IP ratings, weather, and explosion proofing and more.

  From standard terminal pillars to a host of other elements, Acrastyle can get the job done perfectly. Guard your equipment against the elements and get exactly what you need for your project.

Red, Green & Black methodology

The different colours represent the following:

  • Existing wiring and components which are not affected by the modification and which must remain (coloured black)
  • New wiring and components which are being added (coloured red)
  • Old wiring and components which need to be removed (coloured green


Multi-phased Planning

If the modification work is going to be carried out in stages to meet operational demands, then drawings will be required in several phases.


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