Quality Assurance

Engineering, manufacturing, processes & procedures

All Acrastyle contracts and customers benefit from:

  • QA assured manufacturing, test and inspection milestones, with targeted documentation and full process and product traceability
  • QA assured business commercial processes with ISO9001:2000 certification, further accredited by UVDB ‘Verify’ status and Achilles registration
  • Extensive engineering design resources with more than 10 protection application engineers, supported by around 25 additional CAD, electrical and mechanical engineers from the combined UK and Indian engineering offices
  • Engineering expertise at every voltage level from 11kV to 400kV, and for every type of industrial, utility, transport and renewable application
  • Robust, proven designs for long, trouble free lifetime use. We have some LNERs, battery chargers and protection panels which are still in service after 30-35 years!
  • Sophisticated computer controlled test equipment with several highly experienced test engineers to test, verify and fully document that all our systems and designs are bug-free, secure, reliable and fully integrated with all parts working seamlessly together
  • Full commitment to our own and our customers’ environmental responsibilities with all our processes accredited to ISO 14001.

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