Power system protection & control products & solutions

Acrastyle is a market leader in Protection and Control solutions for power systems. We offer:

  • Our own manufactured products
  • Integration of devices from leading relay manufacturers into bespoke systems
  • A range of essential engineering services

Our solutions include:

Protection Solutions

Control and Monitoring Solutions

Enclosures, Kiosks and Accessories

Disconnectors and HV Neutral Earthing Resistor Solutions

Battery/Charging Solutions

These are supported by our:

Engineering Services

The above products can be manufactured to Acrastyle’s standard in-house designs or can be completely custom manufactured in line with the customer’s bespoke requirements.
Contact us to discuss all your requirements. We can provide you with a quote for a bespoke design and a standard design as a comparison, if required. In addition, Acrastyle can provide you with a design for you to approve, prior to manufacture, or you can submit your design drawings for us to manufacture in line with.

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