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Substation battery / charger system


To address the specialised needs of protection and control Acrastyle has developed ‘AcraBatt’, a flexible range of substation battery/charger systems.

The Acrastyle Difference

Designed and built with you in mind

Our AcraBatt systems are:

  • Easily installed, both in retrofit and new sites
  • Easily maintained
  • Easily modified and extended in future

Before Acrastyle’s AcraBatt was developed, extensive market research with customers’ field personnel highlighted that competitors’ products:

  • Were difficult to install in retrofit situations
  • Required significant dismantling for maintenance or modification
  • Were time-consuming and difficult to access
  • Expensive to own after they had been installed.

The AcraBatt system is specifically designed to address these issues as it has:

  • Adjustable gland plate heights to make installation in new and retrofit situations simple and quick
  • Removable side panels to make future maintenance, extensions and modification easy
  • A flexible modular mechanical system to allow top and bottom cable entry, front and rear cable entry
  • Front and rear access doors and modular electrical design that allows further distribution ways to be easily added.


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The AcraBatt system is also competitively priced compared with the market incumbents, but the flexible mechanical design features makes the total cost of ownership of the AcraBatt system significantly more economical than its competitors.

An AcraBatt system scores heavily over the competition by:

  • Having a competitive initial purchase price
  • Being significantly cheaper and quicker to install and commission
  • Being simple, quicker and cheaper to maintain
  • Providing the lowest total cost of ownership.


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