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protection & control products - panel close up

Our products include: Protection and control cubicles, outdoor marshalling kiosks, fully equipped modular substations, 132Kv disconnectors and neutral earthing resistors >>>

Our Services

protection & control supporting services- drawing scanning

HV Protection and control design, electrical/mechanical engineering, interface engineering, site installation and commissioning, site drawing audits and modifications >>>

Our Sectors

protection & control sectors - electricity substation

Acrastyle supply all the UK electrical generation and distribution utilities and is a leading provider of systems to the renewable sector, industrial sites and rail installations >>>

Latest News

What Are Disconnectors Used For?

Disconnectors (also known as Isolators) are devices which are generally operated off-load to provide isolation of main plant items for maintenance, or to isolate faulted equipment from other live equipment. Open terminal disconnectors are available in several forms for different applications.

At the >>>

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