Substation Drawing Replacement

Re-drafting lost, damaged or outdated documentation

Acrastyle has several highly experienced CAD engineers, all using the most modern and sophisticated CAD techniques to quickly and easily provide updated drawings.

Common problems with existing substation drawings include those that are missing, damaged, difficult-to-read or covered in old, handwritten mark-ups.

Hand marked-up substation drawing prior to redraw
Site audit of substation drawings

Where required, Acrastyle can perform a site audit to provide additional information if the available drawing information is inadequate.

Old blueprint and similar substation drawings can be optically cleaned up, by applying modern scanning technology and CAD techniques to the scanned originals. Where necessary, these improved drawings can be further enhanced by converting the old, handwritten amendments to digital CAD versions. Finally, where required, drawings can be completely re-drawn in modern CAD format.

This then replaces old, hard copy drawings, with high-quality drawings which are:

  • Clear and easily readable
  • In CAD format
  • Able to be CAD modified
  • Easily stored and archived in digital format.

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