Disconnectors for 132kV Systems

Acrastyle supplies fully EA-approved 132kV disconnectors for use in the UK and Ireland.

Close up of insulators on 132kV double break disconnectors

They are manufactured by our sister company, S&S Power based in India, which also supplies its disconnectors in configurations up to 400kV to the rest of the world. The 132kV device has hundreds of installations throughout the world, including the UK and Ireland which:

  • Are a ‘double break, centre rotate’ design disconnector
  • Can be either manually operated or motor driven
  • Can have mechanical, electrical and ‘Fortress’ interlocks
  • Can be provided with the supporting structures, or on their own
  • Have a unique ‘turn and twist’ movement to provide strong contact pressure, fault withstand and a self-cleaning action
  • Have a sophisticated design to deliver a low operating torque movement but with a strong and positive contact closure and release
  • Have the three phases mechanically coupled to open and close together
  • Can have earth switches on one, both or neither side, manual or motor driven
  • Can include line discharging and bus transfer contacts
Key Feature – Factory set-up before disconnectors are delivered to site
Motor operated double break 132kv disconnector

All disconnectors are supplied with each single phase fully-assembled, factory-set and checked.

The disconnector is also set up in the factory as a 3 phase assembly, to ensure that all the alignments, torques and contact pressures, phase interconnections and interlocks are correctly set. Then Acrastyle dismantles it back to the single-phase assembly stage and carefully packs it for shipping to site. This ensures that the customer will spend the minimum of time and money on site installing the device.

Acrastyle will witness the correct installation of disconnectors, both to ensure that the customer enjoys trouble-free operation and that the warranty is valid.

Acrastyle can fully erect, install and commission the structure and disconnector to provide a seamless one-stop shop for this type of product.

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