NIE Tamnamore Project Delivery

Protection & control equipment

During October Acrastyle completed delivery of protection & control equipment to NIE’s Tamnamore Substation in Northern Ireland. This significant project included four fully equipped portable relay rooms, eleven marshalling kiosks, a suite of ten 110kV protection panels & a 110kV, 3 bay mosaic mimic control panel.
The project was an extension to previously supplied protection & control equipment by Acrastyle delivered to Tamnamore substation in 2007.

Loading portable relay room containing protection & control equipment


Fully equipped relay rooms

The equipment supplied included four portable relay rooms fully kitted out with 275kV front access protection panels accommodating bay controllers, a primary marshalling field complete with all internal multi-core cable interfacing & anciliary equipment. These portable relay rooms were powered up & fully function tested at Acrastyle’s manufacturing facility in Ulverston prior to delivery. This ‘plug & play’ solution allowed the customer to significantly reduce installation & commissioning time & cost compared with a traditional brick built substation building.

Internal view of portable relay room showing protection &control equipment

Internal view of a completed portable relay room prior to delivery

110kV Mimic control panel

A fully equipped, wired & factory tested 110kV mosaic mimic control panel was also supplied to Tamnamore Substation. The mosaic mimic spanned across three integral 800mm wide cubicle bays & was delivered as a single unit after undergoing rigorous simulation testing at Acrastyle’s premises.
One of the advantages of a mosaic style mimic is that they can be easily modified in the future should any of the external plant change. Mimic control panels also provide a very user-friendly graphical interface for operational personnel.

protection & control equipment for Tamnamore - 110kv mosaic mimic control panel

110kV Protection panel suite

A suite of twelve 110kV rear access protection panels were supplied consisting of two interbus transformer protection panels, eight feeder protection panels, a busbar protection panel & a bus-coupler protection panel. Prior to despatch the panels underwent comprehensive factory acceptance testing (FAT) witnessed by the customer.

Marshalling kiosks

In addition to the protection & control equipment above, we also supplied eleven stainless steel outdoor marshalling kiosks which were a double-bay style with segregated AC & DC compartments. These stainless steel kiosks were painted on the exterior in line with Northern Ireland Electricity’s specification & were finished internally with Acrastyle’s standard anti-condensation paint.
These kiosks house MCB/fuse distribution boards, terminal boards for cable marshalling, bus zone CT test blocks, 240V AC site socket outlets, control switches & thermostatically controlled heaters.