What Are Marshalling Kiosks?

Acrastyle‘s Marshalling kiosks are versatile, rugged outdoor enclosures which are employed to interface various items of equipment within a substation.   Acrastyle marshalling kiosks are manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel which has proven to be resistant against oxidation and corrosion.

Our Marshalling Kiosk design has evolved over the past fifty years. Several key features include weather proof design, vented louvres, rain-shedding top covers, dust proof mesh and sealing gaskets which all result in an environmental protection rating of IP56 as a minimum on all our marshalling kiosks.

Thermostatically controlled heaters, together with an anti-condensation finish on the internal surfaces, eliminate any unwanted moisture.

All our marshalling kiosks are manufactured to the customer’s requirements & can accommodate a bespoke arrangement of internal equipment including some or all of the following: cable terminals, terminal rails, fuse and link arrays, cable management, gland plates, miniature circuit breaker arrays, switches, isolation points, safety insulation barriers, auxiliary power supply sockets, pilot isolation transformers and lamps and indicators.

Large electrical supply companies such as Western Power Distribution (WPD) and UK Power Networks (UKPN) use marshalling kiosks in their networks.
Applications of marshalling kiosks include; substations, power stations, utilities, control and instrumentation and wind farms.  Installations of marshalling kiosks exist all over the world and play a major role in power network systems.

Onsite Design And Construction

Our customers benefit from a single partner construction system.  We design, manufacture and test our substations in our factory in Ulverston. This results in efficient and effective production because there is no need to liaise with different partners.  Our tight set up reduces the chances of errors and reduces delivery time. The process involves less administration giving us more time to spend on perfecting our products.

Our designers use the latest Autocad 2019 package producing drawings and designs in the following formats; DWG, DXF, DWF, PDFs and any format compatible with your own system.  We also have large format scanning and printing facilities available in Ulverston and in different locations.

We provide very detailed quotations tailored to each customer’s particular needs. Our highly motivated and dedicated team ensure every project is designed, tested and delivered to the highest possible standards.  Expert engineers are on hand to install each system on delivery and provide training for our customers.

If you would like to find out more about marshalling kiosks please contact us and we would be happy to offer you advice.