Completion Of The Rugeley Town Project And Other Ventures

We have had a busy month installing protection control panels in Rugeley town in partnership with WPD and attending two Expos in Glasgow and Birmingham.  We are also embarking on a new project in Coalburn in connection with Scottish Power Energy Networks and a new order from Electricity North West.  Hot off the press is the great news of getting notice of conformity from ENA. Here are more details about our very productive time.

Rugeley Town Project

We have just signed off the completion of a project in Rugeley Town in association with Western Power Distribution (WPD).  The purpose of the project involves the installation of protection control panels in electrical substations. Rugeley is one of seventeen Grid Supply Points (GSP) in the West Midlands area.

The Rugeley Town project is part of a scheme set up by WPD to roll out Active Network Management across its licence areas by 2021.  This helps to manage the output of generators and reduce reinforcement requirements. The project is a direct response to an increase in growth in the connection of Distribution Generation (DG). Upgrading the system enables the network to cope with increasing demands.

A number of areas in Active Network Management zones have been fast-tracked to enable installation in a shorter amount of time.  The area covers 13,000 square KM from Congleton in the north to Bristol in the south and from Knighton to the Welsh Marches in the East.  Birmingham, the Black Country areas in Wolverhampton, Hertfordshire and Gloucester. 2.4 million service users access the network.

The Rugeley Town Project involves the installation of protection control panels in 132kV substations.  This ensures that a reliable service occurs during peak demand times throughout the year. Service improvements also result in returning and new customers who demand a consistent and reliable energy supply.

What Are Protection Control Panels?

Protection control panels and cubicles come in a standard 19” size or are designed for individual requirements.  Cubicles can be accessible from the front or the rear. They house; relays, selector switches, test links, power supplies, auxiliary relays, resistors and terminal rails.  Panels are easy to install and replace providing the following benefits; plug and play, minimum outage and site work costs. There is no disturbance to other cubicles during installation and retrofitting is simple and straightforward. Acrastyle can provide a team of engineers to assist installation or complete the whole installation process.

Expos Recently Attended

The two expos we recently attended focused on renewable energy and utilities such as; water, gas and electric.

All Energy Glasgow

The All Energy Expo in Glasgow provides the opportunity for the UK renewable energy community to network, interact and conduct business.  This annual event connects over 300 energy suppliers, investors and distributors with over 1000 energy industry buyers. It provides the perfect opportunity to showcase new products and services.  All Energy attracts 75, 000 web users, 4000 email subscribers and a 12,400 strong social media following. This allows companies to reach a significant number of customers in their specialist industry.

Acrastyle was at stand E53 under a wide range of categories including; Product, company activity, sector traits, stand facia sector trials and buyer countries.  In the product category we covered; electrical, energy from waste, hydro power, nuclear power, smart grids, solar, tidal and wind power. We were able to appeal to a huge number of countries including; Algeria, Germany and Japan which will increase our global reach. It was great to meet some existing and potential clients at the event.

Utility Week Live

Located in Birmingham Utility Week Live focuses on bringing utility companies, technology and product solutions together to transform and disrupt the energy industry.  Disruptors identify anomalies in industries and provoke innovation which improves services and production. Companies who disrupt industries bring about the greatest improvements and solutions to flaws in systems.  

The conferences addressed the issues of; latest technologies, tackling leakage, addressing new regulations and coping with low profit margins and customer engagement. We exhibited at stand number E23 and focused on providing solutions for identified disrupters in the industry.  There were over 3000 utility professionals, 500 products and service solutions and 200 Keynote speakers. Promoting ourselves in expos gives us the opportunity to promote our company to new energy providers and increase our innovative skills.

New Projects

We are delighted to be embarking on two new projects. The first is at Coalburn for Scottish Power Energy Networks. The 132kV project involves the installation of utility transmission, protection control cubicles and new equipment into an existing site.  We aim to complete the work by late 2018.

The second project is for Electricity North West in Rochdale it involves the installation of protection control panels by the end of the year.  More details about both of the projects will be published on completion.

Hot Off The Press

We recently received notice of Conformity from the Energy Networks Association (ENA).  The notification is for an enhanced 145 kV disconnector and provides a quality guarantee for customers.  This is an important development for Acrastyle because it puts them in the same league as other leading electrical distribution manufacturers.

Achieving the notice of Conformity from ENA is major milestone for Acrastyle because perspective customers feel confident with the quality and design of products.  The award states that the equipment, ‘manufactured by S&S Power Switchgear Equipment Limited, Puducherry, India to the drawings quoted herein, satisfies the requirements of the specifications listed’.

The Electrical Networks Association works with member companies to promote UK and Ireland energy networks to ensure they are the safest and most reliable in the world. ENA members have to fulfil an extensive list of requirements in order to achieve and maintain their position.  This accolade provides quality assurance for prospective customers informing their decisions favourably towards Acrastyle products.

If you would like to find out more about our protection control panels and other projects contact us here.