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What is CLASS?

CLASS (Customer Load Active System Services) is a low-cost solution which uses voltage control to manage electricity consumption at peak times which is now being employed by a leading northwest electricity utility.

By installing cutting edge ‘voltage controllers’ in primary substations >>>

NIE Tamnamore Project Delivery

Protection & control equipment

During October Acrastyle completed delivery of protection & control equipment to NIE’s Tamnamore Substation in Northern Ireland. This significant project included four fully equipped portable relay rooms, eleven marshalling kiosks, a suite of ten 110kV protection panels & a 110kV, 3 bay mosaic mimic control panel.
The project >>>

Integrated Design, Build & Test

Challenge – Transformer protection & control

Acrastyle were commissioned to provide fully integrated design, build and test for new transformer protection and control panels to protect two newly installed transformers (33/11Kv 25MVA Dy11). The new transformers were scheduled to be installed into a >>>

Missing Drawings? Acrastyle’s Replacement Drawing Service Saves Time & Money


Build and test protection panels to customer’s drawings for 132kv S/S extension when old drawings turned out to be missing or out of data.

Solution – Drawing replacement

Acrastyle did a full audit on old protection system then re-created the missing drawings, re-designed the >>>