Build Quality

Build quality means reduced cost

Acrastyle’s build quality matches its own high level of design and is highly controlled to ensure that:

  • all the wires are straight and flowing in clearly traceable lines
  • ferrules are all uniformly applied and clearly visible
  • lugs are carefully crimped
  • there is neither too much nor too little spare wire length in the cable trunking.

The difference comes when the cubicle is being installed and commissioned and whenever any modifications or maintenance is performed.

It may seem contrary to common sense that a cubicle built and wired carefully works out less expensive than one which has been assembled with less care, but it is true.

Any field engineer will tell you that working on a poorly wired cubicle makes their job extremely difficult, much more time consuming and therefore expensive.

Whereas replacing a ferrule or wire on a high build quality cubicle, such as those produced by Acrastyle, is often simple and quick due to the wire length providing the ability to re-terminate each end twice, and not having too much spare cable inside the trunking.

Similarly, the ability to trace and follow a wire by eye which has been carefully loomed, is a much speedier method than trying to unravel tangles and put it all back together again.

Adhering to our well proven manufacturing standards with careful attention to detail results in a competitively priced cubicle with a high build quality. This in turn provides the lowest total cost of ownership to our customers, compared to one which has been wired and assembled with less attention to quality.

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