Automatic Voltage Controllers (AVCs)

Transformer Tap-change Control Schemes
Automatic voltage control (AVC) and tap change control panel

Acrastyle has several standard designs for single and dual Automatic Voltage Controllers (AVCs), which incorporate the industry standard tap-change controllers such as ‘Super-Tapp’ and ‘Micro-Tapp’.

Power transformers are sometimes fitted with adjustable output windings. This can be used to vary the output voltage to keep the supply at a constant voltage level, despite the input voltage varying considerably. The selection of the appropriate winding is performed by a device which monitors the output voltage and the transformer winding currently in use. If a transformer winding change is required to return the output to the required level, this is done in the AVC scheme provided by Acrastyle.

Where transformers are connected in parallel, the control of these winding selection schemes is more complex and Acrastyle can provide several options for a standard ‘dual AVC’ scheme. Otherwise we can provide a customised design to meet the most demanding of needs.

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