Missing Drawings?

Acrastyle Service Saved Time & Money


Build and test protection panels to customer’s drawings, for 132kv S/S extension, but old drawings turned out to be missing or out of data.


Acrastyle did a full audit on old protection system, then re-created the missing drawings, re-designed the planned protection scheme as a result of new issues and information found, and manufactured and supplied the fully tested panels. Acrastyle scope extended to provide the interface engineering to integrate the old and new systems in a phased manner.


  • Customer’s project was completed on time, despite several major problems arising and the customer having no spare internal resource to resolve the missing drawings or subsequent protection system engineering re-design
  • Major expense and delay avoided by clever use of available multicore spare cores
  • Weeks of delay saved on commissioning, by identifying interface engineering problems during the audit, and resolving these before the panels arrived on site
  • Plug and play commissioning due to new panels fully scheme tested at the factory
  • Partnership approach ensured that the customer’s and Acrastyle’s goals were fully aligned.

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